Dry Eye Symptoms

What are the symptoms of dry eye?

Many dry eye symptoms are obvious, such as extreme dryness in your eye. But other symptoms are anything but obvious, like excessive eye moisture. Yes, too much moisture is also a sign of dry eye. Before assuming you know what dry eye is and isn’t, review the list of Dry Eye symptoms below.


  • Stinging or burning eyes.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Eye redness.
  • The sensation of having something in your eye.
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses.
  • Difficulty with nighttime driving.
  • Excessive watery eyes.
  • Blurred vision or eye fatigue.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes is too important for drug-store trial and error. Schedule an appointment with the Dry Eye & Blepharitis Center at Northwest Eye. Be Eye Wise, because the more you know, the better you see.