Dry Eye Treatment

What’s the best way to treat dry eyes?

The most common method for treating dry eye is the use of artificial tears and eye drops. Many people with dry eye also attempt to avoid certain situations, like overly warm rooms, hair dryers or wind. But for many people who suffer from dry eye, these options are not enough.

After undergoing a full diagnostic dry eye consultation at Northwest Eye’s Dry Eye Center our doctors will fully understand the cause of your dry eye and/or Blepharitis and will be able to recommend the treatment option(s) that are best for you.

Treatment options available at the Dry Eye and Blepharitis Clinic at Northwest Eye include:

  • Lipiflow: A clinical procedure that opens and clears blocked glands allowing the body to resume the natural production of oils (lipids) needed for the tear film.
  • BlephEx®: A device used to reduce scurf and bacterial debris, the main causes of inflammatory lid disease which can result in dry eyes.
  • Artificial Tears: Lubricant eye drops used to treat the dryness and irritation associated with deficient tear production in keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye).
  • Restasis: Eye drop that increases your eye’s natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to Chronic Dry Eye disease.
  • Pred Healon: A steroid used to alleviate inflammation and resulting in dry eyes.
  • Punctal plugs/Cautery: Small medical device that is inserted into the tear duct (punctal) of an eye to block the duct. This prevents the drainage of liquid from the eye. Artificial tears are usually still required after punctal plug insertion.
  • ALPO: The use of an argon laser to achieve tear duct (punctal) closure.
  • Topical Steroids: An anti-inflammatory therapy that inhibits inflammation thus reducing the signs and symptoms of dry eyes
  • Eye compression masks: Moist heat compress that relieves dry eyes.
  • Vitamins: The prescribed use of supplements or dietary sources (such as tuna fish) of omega-3 fatty acids (especially DHA and EPA) that may help decrease symptoms or irritation.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes are too important for drug-store trial and error. Be Eye Wise and schedule an appointment with the Dry Eye & Blepharitis Center at Northwest Eye. Because the more you know, the better you see.