Leaders in Comprehensive & Pediatric Eye Care

What makes Northwest Eye the leader in providing comprehensive and pediatric eye care? That’s easy - top doctors with decades of experience, a support team driven to provide nothing short of excellent patient care, and team members trained and passionate about working with kids.

The well-rounded team of doctors at Northwest Eye offer a large variety of treatment options for patients of every age. But we do something more than just treat our patients – we educate you on eye health, because the more you know, the better you see.

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Your Expert Comprehensive & Pediatric Eye Doctors

The doctors, surgeons and eye care professionals of Northwest Eye don’t focus solely on treating eye ailments. It’s not enough to help you see better – our goal is to help you better understand your eye health and Be Eye Wise.

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We Specialize In

Some of the more common services offered by our Northwest Eye doctors include:

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Comprehensive Eye Care For All Ages

Northwest Eye is among the largest eye care providers in the Midwest. Our full range of services allows us to provide exceptional care for patients of any age, while treating all conditions and offering complete surgical and non-surgical procedural care.

Our specialties include annual eye exams for the whole family, pediatric services, LASIK surgery, contact lens fittings, eye trauma and sports injuries, cataract surgery, Dry Eye treatment, retina care, cosmetic and oculofacial treatment, and more!

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Pediatrics & LASIK


Optimizing vision in childhood is key to lifelong eye health and a bright future. The pediatric eye doctors of Northwest Eye understand how kids communicate and most importantly, that a developing eye is unique from an adult eye.

Our specialized pediatric eye doctors treat common children’s eye conditions such as strabismus, lazy eye, sports injuries, digital eye strain and more.

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LASIK is a common surgical procedure that has been performed on over 14 million Americans to help reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK works by permanently reshaping your cornea to solve a refractive error that is causing imperfect vision.

If you’re looking to improve your vision without using contacts or glasses, schedule a LASIK consultation with a Northwest Eye LASIK doctor today.

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Myopia Management

Myopia causes difficulty with distance vision and in most cases, simply treating with glasses or contact lenses improves distance vision. In some patients, however, myopia may progress, increasing the risk of developing vision threatening complications. Here’s some things to look out for:

  • Is your child between the ages of 7 and 12 and has he/she been diagnosed with Myopia?
  • Does your child squint to see distance objects better?
  • Is your child in glasses as a pre-teen?
  • Has your child needed a new glasses prescription more than once a year?
  • Have you been told his/her prescription is -6.00 or more?
  • Are both parents nearsighted (have difficulty seeing distance objects without glasses or contacts)?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your child may be a candidate for the Myopia Management program. This program has three different treatment options, with the goal of milder glasses prescriptions by adulthood and reduced risk for sight-threatening conditions caused by degenerative myopia.

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SportsEngine Discount!

Receive $100 off a complete pair of glasses when you visit one of our Northwest Eyewear locations in Maple Grove, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Golden Valley or St. Anthony and mention the code SPORTS.

Please note that our sports eyewear and children’s glasses are at our Maple Grove & Minnetonka (Children’s West) locations only.

Must be a complete pair of glasses and cannot be combined with any other offers or insurance products. Some exclusions apply.

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Northwest Eye: Experts in Eye Care

Be Eye Wise. You’ll see and hear this phrase often, but what does it mean? Be Eye Wise is a call to learn more about – and better understand – eye health and proper eye care.

Contact Northwest Eye today and learn the little things we can all do to improve eye health. Learning to identify symptoms and early stages of refractive errors or eye disease can make all the difference in someone’s vision. Be Eye Wise and take the first step. Schedule an appointment to discuss questions and concerns, or simply to undergo a routine eye exam with a Northwest Eye doctor. The more you know, the better you see.

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