Educational Resources

You have questions about eye care. Northwest Eye has the answers. Be Eye Wise… and see all there is to learn about eye care from Northwest Eye.

Our approach to eye care always begins with education. At Northwest Eye, we help you understand how to care for your eyes by recognizing symptoms and better understanding factors and issues that can impair or degrade your vision. We care for your eyes the way you would hope for, with clear answers, accurate diagnosis, top-flight procedures and award-winning care.

Our goal is to provide you with a multitude of resources – like those below – to help you Be Eye Wise. Why? Because the more you know, the better you see.

Cataract Brochure (pdf)

Lasik Brochure (pdf)

Dry Eye & Blepharitis Brochure (pdf)

Oculoplastics Brochure (pdf)

Eye Alignment Brochure (pdf)

Dry Eye & Blepharitis Whitepaper (pdf)

Oculoplastics & Cosmetics Whitepaper (pdf)

Refractive Error and Eye Exams Whitepaper (pdf)

Refractive Surgery Whitepaper (pdf)

Eye Alignment & Pediatric Ophthalmology Whitepaper (pdf)