Insurance and Billing Resources

Financial assistance for eye surgery.

Be Eye Wise and confirm the type of vision coverage your insurance plan provides by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. It’s very important that you verify you vision benefits, if you have coverage through a Vision Service Plan for routine eye exams please know Northwest Eye does not participate with any Vision Service Plans. To learn more about routine eye exams and Vision Service Plan acceptance, please click here.

Questions about my Insurance and Bills

Pay On Line: We make it easy for patients to pay their bills online.  We accept Debit, HSA, Visa, American Express, Master Card and Discover.

Insurance: We accept a wide range of health plans.  We encourage you to check with your insurance provider to make sure we are in network and that your plan has coverage for the type of services we provide.

Vision Plans: Northwest Eye does not participate with any vision plans.  If you have this type of plan, you will be responsible for payment in full for your services.

Prior Authorization:  The need for a referral or authorization differs by the insurance plan.  Although we do try to assist with prior authorizations, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to make sure it is obtained prior to the services being provided.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to provide my insurance information each time I come to the clinic?
Yes, providing your current insurance card at each visit will assist in your bill being processed timely. 

When will I receive my first statement?
Once your insurance company has processed your medical claim, you will be billed for any deductibles, copays and other out-of-pocket expenses that your insurance company deems you are responsible for.

When will my payment be due?
Payment is due within 30 days of your first statement date.  If this is not possible, please contact our office for assistance.

Please contact our Business office at (763) 383-4130 for any questions regarding your bill(s) or statement(s).