LASIK Financing

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost & Financing

LASIK and the other refractive surgery options available from Northwest Eye are life-changing. But you probably know that. What you don’t know now is how much does LASIK cost or “does insurance cover LASIK?” Typically, refractive surgery procedures, including LASIK, are not covered by insurance programs. Be Eye Wise and explore the ways Northwest Eye works with you to make one of our vision correction procedures a workable option for most budgets.

Financing options available to qualified candidates:

Quality eye care should never come with surprises. Northwest Eye makes you aware of all costs upfront during your consultation, and we avoid hidden fees or down-the-road-charges. Ultimately, the cost of your LASIK treatment depends on your unique vision characteristics. As part of our price quote, you will know exactly what is included in your LASIK procedure, such as pre-operative exams, post-operative care, and consultations. When comparing prices – and we know you will – ask for the same level of detail.

Save by Using Flex Plans for LASIK

You can save money on LASIK by taking advantage of your Flexible Spending Account or Cafeteria Plan at work. These plans allow you to allocate some of your earnings into a tax-free account to use for non-reimbursable medical expenses. These plans have strict rules for how and when you can use these funds, so research the details of your plan before you enroll. We suggest you schedule a consultation with a Northwest Eye LASIK surgeon to make sure you are a good candidate for LASIK prior to setting aside Flex Plan money.