Surgical Procedures

Eye Surgery Procedures

While the thought of eye surgery can make some patients uneasy, it really shouldn’t.  Be Eye Wise and know that Northwest Eye surgeons are among the most experienced, accomplished and highly respected eye surgeons in the country. In addition, there have been significant advancements in technology that enable Northwest Eye to perform the vast majority of eye surgeries in minutes with little to no pain.

Before any surgical procedure, your Northwest Eye surgeon will discuss every detail with you until you are comfortable with what’s involved before, during and after the surgical procedure. Building your confidence through education is among the best ways to Be Eye Wise and assure a successful outcome.

Some of the most common surgical procedures that Northwest Eye offers are generally associated with the following eye conditions:

For most related conditions, Northwest Eye surgeons perform surgical procedures at our partner facility. LASIK surgical procedures take place at our Golden Valley Eye Clinic and LASIK Center.

To determine if surgery is the right treatment option for your condition, Be Eye Wise and schedule an appointment to discuss your surgical procedure with a Northwest Eye surgeon.