Cosmetic & Oculoplastics

Cosmetic Procedures: BOTOX® & Blepharoplasty

Did you know certain eyelid conditions can impair vision? Or that excessive tearing can be a result of a blocked tear duct system? Be Eye Wise and see how Oculoplastic and Cosmetic procedures will not only help you see better but can also improve your appearance and eye health. Be it orbital reconstructive surgery, cosmetic eyelid surgery, or simple corrections with injectables like BOTOX® and dermal fillers, Northwest Eye Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Nicholas Schmitt invites you to schedule a consultation to diagnose the issue and educate you around available treatment options.

Offering both oculoplastics and aesthetic services to our patients, Dr. Schmitt specializes in treating abnormalities of the eyelids, tear duct system, the orbit (the bony cavity surrounding the eye) and the face. He is also our resident expert in injectables, helping patients look and feel their very best.

Northwest Eye offers the following oculoplastic and cosmetic services and treatments:

Dr. Schmitt specializes in treating the following conditions:

Be Eye Wise and contact us today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our cosmetic and oculoplastics services.

To see some of Dr. Schmitt’s work, including before and after surgery pictures, you can visit his personal website