What Causes Strabismus?

Be Eye Wise and learn that strabismus is a lack of coordination between the two eyes. This results in the appearance of misaligned eyes sometimes referred to as “crossed eyes.” The ultimate result is that eyes cannot focus on objects correctly, and can cause double vision, vision in only one eye, or perhaps, diminished depth perception.

Most strabismus starts in childhood and often there is no clear cause. Strabismus is a vision development issue, not just cosmetic. Strabismus may be related to the need for eyeglasses, patching or surgery.

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While less common, strabismus can be found in adults. Causes of strabismus in adults can be related to:

Treating Strabismus:

Strabismus treatment depends on the cause of the misalignment and your unique needs. This may include eyeglasses (with or without prism) or patching. Some conditions may self-correct with these treatments. If this treatment is ineffective, strabismus surgery may be performed to strengthen or loosen the muscles that move the eye.

The eye alignment specialist at Northwest Eye Clinic, Dr. Freeman, is one of only a few doctors in the Midwest skilled at performing strabismus surgery for both adults and children. Be Eye Wise and schedule a consultation with a Northwest Eye pediatric doctor today.

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Pseudostrabismus Symptoms & Causes

Be Eye Wise and understand that pseudostrabismus is a condition that makes it appear as though the eyes are misaligned when in reality, they are fine. Noticed in children, pseudostrabismus is caused by a wide, flat nose and a fold of skin at the inner eyelid that can make eyes appear crossed.

In essence, pseudostrabismus is an optical illusion, but only a trained doctor can accurately identify pseudostrabismus from true strabismus.

Symptoms of pseudostrabismus can be:

  • The appearance of misaligned eyes.

Causes of pseudostrabismus can be:

  • A wide, flat nose.
  • A fold of skin at the inner eyelid

Treatment of pseudostrabismus:

  • Time and child growth.

To learn all you can about pseudostrabismus, Be Eye Wise and schedule an appointment with a Northwest Eye doctor. Because the more you know, the better you see.