About Us

Northwest Eye: experts in family eye care.


Be Eye Wise. You’ll read that phrase quite a bit in this site and see it in family eye care specialist Northwest Eye materials, but what does it mean? Be Eye Wise is a call to learn more about – and better understand – eye health and proper eye care.

Most people know very little about eye care, let alone eye health. There is much more to eye care then simply fixing blurry vision. At Northwest Eye, not only will we help you overcome your eye condition or ailments like cataracts, glaucoma, misaligned eyes or refractive errors, but we will also take a comprehensive approach to your overall eye health and educate you on how to protect, maintain, repair and prolong healthy eye sight.

Be Eye Wise is a rallying cry for you to better understand your eyes. Vision is too essential to take for granted and we will make sure to restore your clear vision and protect the long term health of your eyes. Be Eye Wise and understand that your eyes are also a gateway to your overall health. With a comprehensive eye exam we can learn so much more about your health then simply the quality of your vision.

So contact Northwest Eye and learn the little things we can all do to improve eye health, and learn to identify symptoms and early stages of refractive errors or eye disease. Take the first step. Be Eye Wise and schedule an appointment to discuss questions and concerns or have a routine eye exam with a Northwest Eye Clinic doctor. Because the more you know, the better you see.

Once Northwest Eye helps you understand family eye care, we invite you to become a patient. We are among the largest eye care providers in the Midwest, with locations across the northwestern Twin Cities in Minnesota. We care for all ages, from the earliest pediatric patients to seniors, treating all conditions and offering complete surgical and non-surgical eye procedures.