General Eye Exams

Eye Exam

It would be unusual to wait until your teeth hurt to visit a dentist. However, you probably wait until you experience an issue with your vision before seeing an eye doctor. You’re not alone – but that doesn’t make procrastination a good idea. Instead, you should be scheduling regular eye exams with a Northwest Eye physician.

Be Eye Wise and see how regular eye exams conducted every other year for people under age 50, and yearly eye exams from that age forward not only catch eye issues sooner but can also detect issues with your overall health, including strokes and diabetes.

In medicine, the eyes are known as the windows to a patient’s health. Don’t settle for a cheap eye exam that offers little to no educational element. Instead, Be Eye Wise and visit the eye care experts at Northwest Eye.

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Typical eye exams may include:

  • Visual acuity to measure the definition of your vision.
  • Cover test to show how well your eyes work together.
  • Retinoscopy, refraction or aberrometer to measure your current prescription.
  • Slit-Lamp to determine eye health.
  • Glaucoma test.
  • Visual field test to identify blind spots.
  • Pupil dilation to identify eye disease.

Be Eye Wise and schedule regular eye exams with a Northwest Eye Ophthalmologist or doctor.