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Before you decide where and what glasses to buy – make sure you understand why quality matters.

For more information, visit our optical website, NWEyewear.com!

You deserve your best vision – and you can only get your best vision with HOYA lenses – the best lenses on Earth! HOYA lenses are only carried at private optical practices – like Northwest Eyewear!

Why buy from Northwest Eyewear?

1.) Lens Quality Matters

  • Twice as scratch resistant as glass lenses
  • Lightest weight on the market
  • Lenses without distortion and are glare free

2.) Safety Matters

  • 60 times more impact resistant than what the FDA requires
  • Lenses that provide protection from UV high energy blue light
  • Lenses designed for computers & hand held digital appliances

3.) Optician Quality Matters

  • Board-certified opticians with certified knowledge and training
  • Experts at lens placement and positioning – the perfect prescription doesn’t work if it’s not placed where your eyes can use it within the frame of your glasses
  • Experts at finding the right frame for your prescription and face structure
  • We know you – we have access to your records and know the doctor who wrote your prescription

4.) One Year Warranty

  • We warrant your new frame and lenses from defects and product failure under normal wearing conditions for one year from the original purchase date

5.) Convenient Locations

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